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Caliber Motor Leasing, we strive for professional service and customer satisfaction. We want to help you! From leasing, financing, customer support, and any questions, we have got the answers.

We will take the pressure and uneasiness out of leasing or purchasing a vehicle. We shop through various networks and dealerships to find you any make and model you are looking for. From BMW to Lexus , it doesn’t matter which car you are looking for we make sure to find you the right vehicle at the best price.

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Monthly lease payments are significantly lower than a conventional purchase finance agreement so you can get much more car for your money. Vehicle leasing is now more popular than ever. In fact, 29-36% of the 15 million-plus cars sold in the United States every year are leased.


Buying a car has many aspects to it. You will need to do your research and we are more than happy to help you choose your ride. Financing comes into play with buying and can be a great option to balance out your payments. We finance cars also, so give us a call to learn more about what deals you can get on your automobile.

Customer Support

Every time you have a question about your lease it will be answered by a real live leasing specialist where helping you find the information you are looking for is their only priority! Our customers share in our achievements every day and together we shape the future of the automotive ownership experience.

Low Rates

We take great pride in the banking relationships we have forged over the years and nothing makes us happier than to pass our industry leading programs on to our clients. You have the benefit of knowing that you’re always making the lowest payments possible and as your true automotive partner we get one step closer to making you a Customer for Life.

Trade In's

We do Trade-In’s! Tell us more about what type of car you would like to trade in and what for. We can help you find deals on the type of trade in you have to offer. Tired of your lease? Let us know we can set something. Want to get into leasing from bought car, we can help you with that too! Contact us.

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We offer an online quoting application so you can contact us through our website. Fill out the form you will be directed to after clicking this link. After you are done, press send and we should receive it. After two business days, we will have a response and contact you to continue business. We hope to give you the best possible rates so you will not be disappointed!

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